COGIC UK Mission

National Missions Conference

To the Christian Missionary and those who send him/ her out, Missions is the Christian Church trying to win others to Christ and the Christian faith, especially through groups of selected workers called missionaries and others. Missions means carrying the Gospel to those who have not been able to hear and accept the Gospel: and establishing the Church where it has not already been established.

Mission work carried on within the national boundaries is Home Missions. Home Missions is basically the work of the local Church’s gathering of souls.


Foreign Missions:

Mission work carried out beyond our national boundaries are Foreign Missions. When we speak of Foreign Missions, we speak of missions overseas. Foreign missions calls for missionaries with different qualifications from those at home. They will have to use different methods. Their spirit and their message will be the same however.

The Department of Missions need workers. If you would like to work with us why not have a talk with the Missions President {Missionary St Louis} or any member of the Mission Team!

What Every Local Assembly Need to Know about Mission:

  •  Headed by a President, who is appointed by the Pastor, a Local Church Mission Department should be created in each Assembly. This person should be a mission worker or mission minded, willing to work for and promote the mission arm of the Church’s programme.
  •  Local Church Mission Departments should have a Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  •  The Local Church cannot be a Mission Church without giving. The Pastor and members should decide how much of the Church’s income must be set aside for mission. A specific amount of this sum should be given to the National Mission Department. Mission funds may be used for the following:
  •  The support of a Missionary on the field
  •  The support of a National Pastor
  •  The support of foreign students here in the UK who are part of our Church.
  •  Special Projects: these could be ‘one-off’ or annual activities. If the project is from abroad, then check customs/import duties
  •  Home Missions: has responsibility for the Local Church’s gathering of souls
  •  Personal Workers: are those engaged in home, hospital and prison visits; ministry to the elderly; child evangelism; street ministry; drugs and alcoholic rehabilitation. The Pastor or other qualified appointee should give training to prepare workers to serve in the community. Reports should be made to the Home/National Conference.
  •  Home Visits: these should be regularly announced in the Church and workers should be well versed in visitation evangelism.

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